Age Limit: 16 years old +
     Length of Stay: 2 weeks (can be extended)
     Programme Start: 1st and 2nd week of July (flexible based on your university holidays)
     Working days and hours: Mon – Sat | 5 – 6 hours
     Project Location: Vellore, Chennai and Pondicherry

      Sri Lanka

         Age Limit: 16 years old +
         Length of Stay: 2 weeks (can be extended)
         Programme Start: 4th week of July & 1st Week of Aug | 2nd and 3rd week of August (flexible based on your university holidays)
         Working days and hours: Mon – Sat | 5 – 6 hours
         Project Location: India – Vellore, Chennai | Sri Lanka – Jaffna, Kilinochi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Triconamalee and Colombo.

      You can apply for Intern Abroad:

      We, the Audacious Dreams Foundation provide Intern Abroad programme for the students from various countries because we realized that an internship abroad could be a great opportunity to not only for develop professional knowledge but also to expand the student’s academic and cultural horizons.
      During your international internship, students can be placed in a field relevant to their studies. There, you may have the chance to participate in the day-to-day work environment and use your abilities in a real-world setting. When you’re not working, you could potentially take classes to earn valuable college credits. Or, you could simply explore a new country and culture.
      Our internships are interdisciplinary in nature. The participants can chose multiple discipline/courses as part of their internship.

      Different areas you can do your internship are:

         Social Work
         NGO Management
         Nursing internship
         Internship in arts and culture
         Psychology internship
         Internship in political science
         Internship in media studies
         Internship in business

      You can apply for Volunteer Abroad:

      There is a saying which goes, “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer”. Indeed when one thinks of Volunteerism, they usually envision something which requires a lot of sweat and hard work. But at the same time one cannot deny the indescribable, irrevocable feeling of satisfaction and contentment that is bound to come along with it. We strongly believe in the fact that ‘No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another’. We aim to bring the spirit of volunteerism alive in people and in doing so providing them with an obvious opportunity to give their contribution to the society. Come dwell in the Incredible India!

      Different areas you can volunteer:

         Community development
         Sports for Development and Peace
         Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
         Child Care
         Teaching English
         Health Care
         Science for All
         Fundraising specialist

      You can apply either as a Group or Individual for our Group Study Exchange or Study Abroad:

      The world is an increasingly global market - your time abroad will allow you to equip yourself with a range of skills which make you more employable. Why not give your CV the edge with a group study exchange experience?

      Spending your time abroad is not only fantastic for your CV but also for your confidence and personality as a whole. By spending time abroad, you develop a flexible approach to learning, working and acquire life skills that cannot be taught. You immerse yourself in another culture, make new friends maybe learn a language and develop skills that make you stand out to employers.

      While being in abroad as volunteer, intern, study exchange student, writing thesis can be an exciting experience, students are required to make the same effort with their academic work that they would while in their respective universities and broadening your horizons.

      We are happy to invite students from universities, colleges and schools to have an experiential learning through your group study exchange visit to India. India being rich in culture, traditions and one of the fastest growing economies which is soon going to become a developed nation has thousands to get immersed in.

      Different areas you can apply for are:

         South Asian studies (Arts – Language – Culture – Religion – Literature – indigenous Practices)
         Psychology – Health & Hygiene – Nutrition
         Politics – Public Administration – local Governance & Study on International Affairs and Global Policies
         Youth and Community development – Social Work – A study of various social development organisations, NGOs in India.

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